For detailed information about the terms and times that courses will be offered, the most reliable source is the Timetable of Class Meetings on the Registrar’s site.

QSS 15

Introduction to Data Analysis

QSS 17

Data Visualization (Identical to Government 16)

QSS 18

Introduction to Game Theory (Identical to Government 18)

QSS 30

Special Topics in Quantitative Social Science

QSS 30.01

Sports Analytics

QSS 30.02

Computational Text Analysis for the Social Sciences (Identical to MATH 05.01/GOV 19.05)

QSS 30.03

Experiments in Politics (Identical to Government 83.21)

QSS 30.04

Evolutionary Game Theory and Applications (Identical to MATH 30.04)

QSS 30.05

United States History Through Census Data (Identical to History 90.01)

QSS 30.06

By the Numbers: Race, Incarceration, and Politics (Identical to GOVT 19.06)

QSS 30.07

Simulating Social Systems: Complexity and Society (formerly The Science of Anarchy: Computational Approaches to Spontaneous Social Order)

QSS 30.08

Misperceptions in Politics (Identical to Government 83.09)

QSS 30.09

Data Wrangling (Identical to QBS 181)

QSS 30.13

The Sociology of Mental Health (cross-listed with SOCY 35)

QSS 36

Mathematical Models in the Social Sciences (Identical to Mathematics 36)

QSS 41

Analysis of Social Networks

QSS 54

Chasing the (Causal) Dragon: Intermediate Quantitative Data Analysis for Sociologists (Identical to SOCY 54)

QSS 81

Major Thesis Research

QSS 82

Major One Quarter Project

QSS 83

Minor One Quarter Project