One student's perspective on QSS

QSS Minor Gabrielle Kirlew '18 talks about her experience with the program

Coding and Social Science Conundrums: My Experience with QSS

The Quantitative Social Science (QSS) Program at Dartmouth is relatively new department that strives to teach students to analyze social science problems using statistical and computational tools. Most of the professors in the QSS department also work in other social science departments like government, sociology or psychology, etc.

I was first introduced to the Quantitative Social Science program during the spring term of my junior year. Having just completed my New Zealand Foreign Study Program where I took three anthropology classes, I was looking to challenge my brain with a different type of learning and stumbled upon a class entitled “Race, Incarceration and Politics: By the Numbers.” When I arrived to class on the first day and read the syllabus, I realized that this was exactly the change of pace I was looking for.

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