Questions about research

Q: Why does QSS require independent research in both its minor and major?

A: We believe that teaching students how to produce new knowledge should be the goal of every university educational program. The best way to develop a facility with this is to conduct research.

Q: How do QSS research projects work?

A: All QSS research projects--honors theses for QSS majors and one quarter projects for QSS minors--are supervised by QSS-affiliated faculty at Dartmouth and by the QSS Director of Undergraduate Research. QSS research projects are independent, meaning that each student completes his or own project. However, QSS students working on research are embedded in a network of advisers and other QSS students. All QSS research projects must be publicly defended upon completion.

Q: Can QSS students get involved with faculty research projects?

A: Yes.  QSS students serve as research assistants to faculty and sometimes as co-authors on papers.  Interested students should contact faculty members to inquire about research opportunities.  Qualified students can also serve as Presidential Scholars and work with QSS faculty members this way.