Faculty-Student Collaborations

Occasionally undergraduate coursework can turn into a larger project in which students have the opportunity to work with faculty to get their work published. Additionally, QSS Steering Committee faculty may invite students to assist on their work. Some recent examples of faculty-student collaborations are listed below.

Katherine Clayton

Dartmouth '18, Goverment and French double major; QSS Bright Line Watch Pre-Doctoral Fellow 2018-2019

Campus Diversity: The Hidden Consensus (with  John M. Carey and Yusaku Horiuchi . Cambridge University Press. Forthcoming.

“Partisan Motivated Reasoning and Misinformation in the Media: Is News from Ideologically Uncongenial Sources More Suspicious?” (with Yusaku Horiuchi, Jase Davis, and Kristen Hinckley). Japanese Journal of Political Science, forthcoming. [SSRN][DOI][Replication Package]

“Exposure to Immigration and Admission Preferences: Evidence from France” (with Yusaku Horiuchi and Jeremy Ferwerda). Political Behavior, forthcoming. [SSRN][DOI][Replication Package]

“Who Wants to Hire a More Diverse Faculty? A Conjoint Analysis of Faculty and Student Preferences for Gender and Racial/Ethnic Diversity” (with John M. Carey, Kevin Carman, Yusaku Horiuchi, Mala N. Htun, and Brittany Ortiz). Politics, Groups and Identities, forthcoming. [SSRN][DOI][Replication Package]

“Who Will Defend Democracy? Evaluating Tradeoffs in Candidate Support Among Partisan Donors and Voters.” (with John M. Carey, Gretchen Helmke, Brendan Nyhan, Mitchell Sanders, and Susan C. Stokes). 2019.  Under review