Kimberly B. Rogers

Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Kimberly's research explores how macro-social inequalities are reproduced or overturned through behavior and emotion dynamics in social interactions and small groups. Her publications examine behavioral and emotional responses to stereotyped groups and unfair reward distributions, evaluate the degree of consensus in identity sentiments within and between cultures, explore how stable interaction patterns emerge from uncertain perceptions of identities, and consider emotions as both symptoms and sources of inequality.

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308E Blunt
HB 6104
Quantitative Social Science
B.A., Randolph-Macon Woman's College, 2003
M.A., Wake Forest University (Psychology), 2005
M.A., Duke University (Sociology), 2008
Ph.D., Duke University (Sociology), 2013

Selected Publications

Rogers, Kimberly B. Forthcoming. “Separate and Unequal: Predicting Intergroup Behavior and Emotions with Social Identity Meanings." Advances in Group Processes.

Boyle, Kaitlin M. and Kimberly B. Rogers. 2020. “Beyond the Rape “Victim”-“Survivor” Binary: How Race, Gender, and Identity Processes Interact to Shape Distress.” Sociological Forum 35: 323-45.

Rogers, Kimberly B. 2020. “The Problem of Order: Understanding How Culture Predicts Social Action.” Sociology Compass 14(7): 1-11. 

Rogers, Kimberly B., Adam Nemeroff, and Kelly Caputo. 2020. “Strategic Design Toward Foundational Learning Goals in Introduction to Sociology.” Teaching Sociology 48: 40-53.

Rogers, Kimberly B. 2019. "Identity Meanings and Categorical Inequality." Pp. 267-88 in Identities in Everyday Life, edited by Jan Stets and Richard Serpe. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. 

Rogers, Kimberly B. 2019. “Sources of Consensus and Variegation in Cultural Affective Meanings.” Social Currents 6: 219-38. 

Hoey, Jesse, Tobias Schröder, Jonathan Morgan, Kimberly B. Rogers, Deepak Rishi, and Mei Nagappan. 2018. “Artificial Intelligence and Social Simulation: Studying Group Dynamics on a Massive Scale.” Small Groups Research 49: 647-83.

Rogers, Kimberly B. 2018. “Do You See What I See? Testing for Individual Differences in Impressions of Events.” Social Psychology Quarterly 81: 149-72.

Kriegel, Darys J., Jesse K. Clark, Robert Freeland, David R. Heise, Muhammad Abdul-Mageed, Dawn T. Robinson, Kimberly B. Rogers, and Lynn Smith-Lovin. 2017. "A Multi-Level Investigation of Arabic-Language Impression Change." International Journal of Sociology 47: 278-95.

Morgan, Jonathan H., Kimberly B. Rogers, and Mao Hu. 2016. “Distinguishing Normative Processes from Noise: A Comparison of Four Approaches to Modeling Impressions of Social Events.” Social Psychology Quarterly 79: 311-32.

Schröder, Tobias, Jesse Hoey, and Kimberly B. Rogers. 2016. “Modeling Dynamic Identities and Uncertainty in Social Interactions: Bayesian Affect Control Theory.” American Sociological Review 81: 828-55.

- 2017 Outstanding Recent Contribution in Social Psychology Award, Social Psychology Section, American Sociological Association

- 2017 Outstanding Article Publication Award, Mathematical Sociology Section, American Sociological Association

Clay-Warner, Jody, Dawn T. Robinson, Lynn Smith-Lovin, Kimberly B. Rogers, and Katie R. James. 2016. “Justice Standard Determines Emotional Responses to Over-Reward.” Social Psychology Quarterly 79: 44-67.

Rogers, Kimberly B. 2015. “Expectation States, Social Influence, and Affect Control: Opinion and Sentiment Change through Social Interaction.” Advances in Group Processes 32: 65-98.

Foy, Steven, Robert E. Freeland, Andrew Miles, Kimberly B. Rogers, and Lynn Smith-Lovin. 2014. “Emotions and Affect as Source, Outcome, and Resistance to Inequality.” In Handbook of the Social Psychology of Inequality, edited by J. D. McLeod, E. J. Lawler and M. L. Schwalbe. New York, NY: Springer.

Rogers, Kimberly B., Tobias Schröder, and Christian von Scheve. 2014. “Dissecting the Sociality of Emotion: A Multi-Level Approach.” Emotion Review 6: 124-33.

Rogers, Kimberly B. and Dawn T. Robinson. 2014. “Measuring Emotions.” In Handbook of the Sociology of Emotions, Volume II, edited by J. E. Stets and J. H. Turner. New York, NY: Springer.

Rogers, Kimberly B., Tobias Schröder, and Wolfgang Scholl. 2013. “The Affective Structure of Stereotype Content: Behavior and Emotion in Intergroup Context.” Social Psychology Quarterly 76: 125-50.

Schröder, Tobias, Kimberly B. Rogers, Julija Mell, Shuuichiro Ike, and Wolfgang Scholl. 2013. “Affective Meanings of Stereotyped Social Groups in Cross-Cultural Comparison.” Group Processes & Intergroup Relations 16: 717-33.

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Works in Progress

Boyle, Kaitlin M. and Kimberly B. Rogers. “Social Identities, Self-Sentiments, and Depression: A Longitudinal Path Analysis.” Under review.

Quinn, Joseph, Robert E. Freeland, Jesse Hoey, Kimberly B. Rogers, and Lynn Smith-Lovin. "How the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed the U.S. Cultural Meanings of Essential and Non-Essential Occupations." Under review.

Doan, Long and Kimberly B. Rogers. ""It's Easier to Ignore Privileges than Disadvantages": How Situational Factors Shape Identity Activation." In preparation.

Rogers, Kimberly B., Robert E. Freeland, and Joseph Quinn. "How Misperceptions of Gender Composition Predict Occupational Wage Inequality: A Test of the Devaluation Thesis." In preparation.

Rogers, Kimberly B. and Jonathan H. Morgan. “Investigating the Cultural Stability of Impression Formation Processes in the United States: 1978 vs. 2010.” In preparation.

Selected Works and Activities

"THEMIS.COG: Theoretical and Empirical Modeling of Identity and Sentiments in Collaborative Groups." Trans-Atlantic Platform, Digging into Data Challenge. Grant project funded by the NSF, NSERC, SSHRC, and DFG, in collaboration with Jesse Hoey, Mei Nagappan, and Tobias Schroeder. 

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