QSS presentations at the Midwest Political Science Association conference

Kai Zhou '24, majoring in Quantitative Social Science, recently presented a working paper at the annual conference of the Midwest Political Science Association.  This paper,  co-authored with Mitsui Professor of Government Yusaku Horiuchi, is titled, "Disclosing Invisible Attributes is Subject to Discrimination: Identifying Prejudice against Zainichi Koreans in Japan via Conjoint Analysis."  This paper was in a conference panel called Politics of Groups and Identities in East Asia, and Kai discussed his joint research alongside Boyoon Lee (Vanderbilt University), Soohyun Cho (Princeton University), Jaewook Lee (McGill University), Boram Lee (London School of Economics and Political Science), and Jongwoo Jeong (Washington University in St. Louis). The discussants of the Zhou-Horiuchi paper were Alexander Kustov (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) and Ji Yeon (Jean) Hong (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor).

In addition to this presentation, Professor Horiuchi presented several other papers at the 2024 Midwest conference, including a new paper titled, "Reassessing Gendered Reactions to Terrorist Attacks: Slumps or Bumps?" with Martha Johnson (Northeastern University).  Professor of Quantitative Social Science Michael Herron also presented at the Midwest meeting, and his paper was titled, "Curing the vote."  This work is co-authored with Professor Daniel Smith of the University of Florida.

Lastly, Alexander Agadjanian '19, who graduated from Dartmouth with a degree in QSS and Government and is now a doctoral student in political science at the University of California at Berkeley, presented a Midwest paper titled, "Hispanic Identity Attrition and Understandings of Group Political Behavior."

Kai is completing his honors thesis under the supervision of Professor Horiuchi, and after graduation he is going to start a position as a Senior Research Support Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPolitical Experiments Research Lab, working with Professor Adam Berinsky.