QSS Honors Theses presentations, Spring 2024

All students writing honors theses in the Program in Quantitative Social Science (QSS) at Dartmouth College are required to publicly defend their research prior to completing their projects.  In the first three weeks in May, 11 students presented their theses.  Each QSS thesis is guided by a primary faculty advisor, and in addition a second reader is assigned to evaluate each thesis. Professor Michael Herron, who is the Chair of QSS, worked with all of the QSS thesis students over the course of the 2023-24 academic year.

This year's QSS theses are as follows:

Kai Zhou: Social Contact as a Conditional Factor on the Effects of Disclosing an Invisible Identity: The Case of Zainichi Koreans

Akshay Kelshiker: Social Determinants of Health and Clinical Text Patterns in Electronic Health Records

Karim Khalil: Chat GPT 4: Mental Health Diagnosis

Benjamin Aronson: Using Social Media to Promote HPV Vaccination Among American College Students

Devontae Lacasse: Media Priming Effects on NonJurist Sentencing Recommendations

Samuel Winchester: Investigating the Instagram Comments of Professional Soccer Players: The Impact of Social Media on Athlete Performance

William Bryant: Drought, Credit, and Consumption Smoothing: Evidence from Tanzania

Joanna Olagundoye: Measuring Crisis Response on Social Media and Impact on Stock Performance

Samson O'Donnell: Edgeworth Cycles and Consumer Welfare: Competitive Phenomenon or Tacit Collusion?

Emma Johnson: Comedy Tonight? Maximizing Theater Audiences Using Game Theory & Information Sharing

Ramsey Ash: Building Trust: The Role of Place based Consciousness in Vaccine Hesitancy

Honors Thesis Presentation Schedule Spring 2024