QSS 82 one quarter research projects, Winter 2024

On Monday, March 6, students majoring and minoring in Quantitative Social Science (QSS) presented posters from one-quarter research projects carried out in QSS 82. In Winter 2024, this project course was taught by Assistant Professor Elsa Voytas and Senior Lecturer Robert Cooper.  All told, there were 22 posters across two sections of QSS 82.

The QSS 82 joint poster session provided an opportunity for QSS seniors to display results from their projects. Throughout the quarter, each student worked hard to devise a research question, develop theoretical expectations, and test those expectations using statistical techniques. Students selected their own topics, and their choices represented a diverse range of relevant social science themes, all of which were explored with quantitative data.

This year, topics ranged from the effects of pollution on domestic violence incidents to the role parental support plays in student long-term career aspirations.  Among other things, they covered the effects on pitcher performance of Major League Baseball's pitch clock change and the impact of facial symmetry on contestant success on NBC's The Voice. One student in QSS 82 investigated shifts in real estate prices in the sun belt before and after the COVID-19 pandemic, while another examined song chart success as a function of release dates. The diversity of topics in QSS 82 represents a key strength of the QSS program.



Student Name

Project Title

Diana Bates

Festivities to Flames: Analyzing the Connection Between Firework Consumption and Wildfire Incidents

Adm Budin

This is 'The Voice'? Exploring the Relationship Between Facial Symmetry and Success on Singing
Reality Competitions

Luca Caviezel

When in Doubt, Kick it Out?

Sherry Dong

Taking a "Paws"? COVID-19's Impact on Pet Adoptions

Emma Elsbecker

Coming in Hot: Assessing Momentum in the 2021 Formula 1 Season

Bernardo Garzo

Effect of Pollution on Domestic Violence in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico

Catherine Grimes

Timing is Money: How the Release Date of a Song Affects its Success

Sabin Hart

Pigs Get Bat, Ball Hogs Get Better? An Analysis of Usage Rate and Possession Time Variance in the NBA

Keso Kakachia

The Effect of Antidumping Duties on Industry Competitiveness

Josephine Kim

Time Management on the Mound: Examining the Effects of MLB's Pitch Clock on Pitcher Performance

Armon Lotfi

Deciphering the VAR Effect: Deliberation Duration and Decision Dynamics in Premier League Football

Keren Luo

The Eco-nomic Cycle: the effect of gasoline prices on bikeshare ridership in Boston

Alexandra Ma

Under the Weather: Impact of Rainfall on Public WiFi Usage in Boston

Adin McAuliffe

When David Beats Goliath: Exploring the Association Between Outstanding Athletic Performance and Tourism

Street Roberts

Exploring the Green Dilemma: Investigating how the presence of endangered species affected the development
of renewable energy

Leina Sato

The Impact of Earthquakes on Stock Market Returns in Japan

Ryan Sorkin

How the 2008 Stock Market Crash Affected Subjective Well-Being

Eleanor Sullivan

Effects of No-Zero Grading on Student Outcomes in Virginia School Districts

Ella von Baeyer

War Zones in the American Imagination

Sam Williams

New Year's Resolutions and U.S. Smoking Rates

Alex Witheiler

Measuring the Relationship Between Changes in NBA Rosters and Team Outcomes

Emma Wolfe

The Effect of Parental Expectations on Student Plans for Postsecondary College Enrollment