QSS Major featured in Spring 2023 edition of Dartmouth Admissions 3D magazine

Bess Neiblum '23, a Quantitative Social Science major who works in the Dartmouth Admissions Office as a senior fellow, was featured in this spring edition of their 3D magazine. Bess highlighted five of her favorite classes at Dartmouth, and one of them was QSS 18: Game Theory taught by Professor Michael Herron.

While talking about QSS 18, Bess says, "Though initially one of the classes that scared me most about my major, this class turned into perhaps my favorite at Dartmouth, and this was in large part due to Professor Herron. He wants his students to succeed above all else. He has more faith in us to understand tough concepts than we sometimes do in ourselves, and he throws everything into teaching. This class changed the way I looked at the world and viewed problems, and when it pushed me beyond my comfort zone, I realized I could thrive there."

After graduation, Bess is going to be working for Cicero, a small management and social impact consulting firm in Washington, DC.