New QSS faculty member receives PhD Achievement Award from USC

An incoming assistant professor in the Program in Quantitative Social Science (QSS), Ho-Chun (Herbert) Chang `18 has been awarded the PhD Achievement Award from the University of Southern California, where Dr. Chang recently completed his doctorate.  This award recognizes USC PhD students with exceptional academic profiles, and six awards are made to students from across the university. Students were selected based on their records of success including significant publications as the sole or primary author; job offers that signal the outstanding quality of the student's doctoral work; major awards in a broadly conceived field; and other markers of excellence appropriate to the student's field.

USC Vice Provost Andrew McConnell Stott wrote about Dr. Chang that, "He combines his expertise in AI, social science, and mathematics to examine the impact of algorithms in online discussion and democracies around the world. For his contributions to making better online spaces, USC presents him the PhD achievement award." 

QSS would like to congratulate Dr. Chang on this achievement, and we look forward to seeing him in Hanover in the fall.