Catching up with Victor Wu '22

Victor Wu '22, who was a triple major in Quantitative Social ScienceEnvironmental Studies, and Government while studying at Dartmouth, has been busy since he graduated. We were able to catch up with Victor to see what he has been up to.

Victor is now a first year student at Stanford Law School. Notwithstanding the demands associated with legal education, he found time to present ongoing research this past April 13, on a panel at the recent Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) annual conference in Chicago. At his MPSA panel, Victor presented a sole-authored paper, "The Persuasive Power of Partisan Elites: How to Encourage Renewable Energy Behaviors Without Changing Climate Beliefs."   Also on this panel was Michael Herron, the QSS chair, who presented on expansive theories of vote manipulation.  Victor presented his paper the previous Thursday as well on a Western Political Science Association panel, and he is scheduled to present at the American Political Science Association this coming August. At a different MPSA panel on April 16, Victor presented, "How the Partisan Composition of the Supreme Court Affects Public Support for Nominees: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment," joint work with Professor Yusaku Horiuchi of the Department of Government at Dartmouth, who also is on the QSS Steering Committee.   Victor is also scheduled to present his experimental results at LSAS, the Law and Society Association at Stanford, in May.

In March 2023, Victor participated in a workshop presentation at Stanford University's Polarization Research Lab on his paper,  "Most Americans think a third party is needed, but those Americans are even more polarized," joint with Professor Joseph Bafumi of the Department of Government at Dartmouth.  QSS wishes Victor all the best with his ongoing education and many research projects.