QSS 30.16 Cultural Analytics poster session

On Friday, November 11, the students in QSS 30.16, a cross-listed class with ENGL 64.05, displayed their final projects in Berry Main Street in the Dartmouth Library. At their poster session, the students were eager to answer questions about their research that uses quantitative methods drawn from digital humanities and cultural analytics.

QSS 30.16 / ENGL 64.05 provides an overview of emergent quantitative methods and theories used by humanists to study data in text and text as data. The goal of the course is to enable students to evaluate data, methods, and interpretations produced from quantitative research in the humanities and to conduct their own research.  As students proceed through the course, they engage in questions about the differences, in terms of methodology and interpretive practices, between the social sciences and the humanities. In developing answers to questions in this vein, students in QSS 30.16 / ENGL 64.05 explore recent quantitative methods alongside traditional methods of humanistic inquiry.

QSS 30.16 / ENGL 64.05 was taught by Professor James (Jed) Dobson from the English Department at Dartmouth.