QSS Honors Thesis Program

All students writing honors theses in the Program in Quantitative Social Science (QSS) at Dartmouth College are required to publicly defend their research upon completion of their projects.  This past May, eleven students presented their theses.  This year's thesis presentations were are first in person showcases since the pandemic.  Each QSS thesis is guided by a primary faculty advisor, and in addition, a second reader is assigned to evaluate each thesis. Professor of QSS Michael Herron (QSS Chair) worked with all of the QSS thesis students over the course of the 2021-22 academic year and was instrumental in the QSS honors thesis program.

This year's QSS theses are as follows:

Charles F. Budd III The Effects of Remote Instruction on Learning Losses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Joshua E. Calianos Effects of Covid-19 on heroin supply

Addison C. Dick The impact of debate over science and liberty on Americans' political opinions

Robert K. Doherty Global Reorganization: The Effect of COVID-19 on US Supply Chains

Angeline Janumala Examining the Effectiveness of Restorative Justice in Response to Campus Sexual Violence at Dartmouth College

Mark Parrino The Effect of Extreme Weather on Environmental Views

Jordan T. Sanz Improving music education using biofeedback-based cognitive tutoring

Maxwell B. Schindel A Game Theoretic Approach to Evaluating Outcomes in Ranked Choice Voting and Plurality Voting Methodologies

Matthew R. Schnell Facial Biases in Baseball Evaluation

Lily F. Steckel Alpha Delta Omicron: How the Pandemic Influenced Drinking Behaviors Among Dartmouth Students

Jason Zavras The Impact of Economic Recession on Population Health Across the OECD