QSS major Matthew Chen wins Fulbright fellowship

Matthew Chen, who completed a major in the Program in Quantitative Social Science (QSS), was awarded a Fulbright fellowship to be an English teaching assistant in Taiwan. Along with his QSS major, Matthew completed the pre-medical school curriculum at Dartmouth as well. Originally from San Marino, California, Matthew is planning on going to medical school after his year in Taiwan.

While studying in QSS, Matthew Chen wrote an honors thesis under the guidance of Associate Professor Kimberly Rogers of the Department of Sociology and Assistant Professor Kyle Myers of the Department of Technology & Operations Management at Harvard Business School. In his thesis, Matthew constructed country level networks to model domestic and international collaboration for biomedical scientists, analyzing how these networks differed across countries and changed over time. He found that the number of collaboration partners and interconnectedness for biomedical scientists was higher in more developed countries and regions. These networks also demonstrated high inequality in that a small share of scientists accounted for a disproportionately large share of collaborative activity.

Reflecting the quality of his thesis, Matthew graduated with High Honors in March 2022. Twelve Dartmouth students were awarded Fulbrights in May 2022, and QSS congratulates all of them on their impressive achievements!