QSS 41 students present independent research projects

Students in the Fall 2021 session of Quantitative Social Science 41, Analysis of Social Networks, held a mini-conference and presented their independent research projects on November 15, before the conclusion of the quarter.

In QSS 41, currently taught by QSS postdoctoral fellow Antonio Sirianni, students learn the fundamental concepts underlying social network analysis, a method of sociological analysis that has applications across the social sciences, and how to formally express, analyze, and visualize patterns of relationships between members of a group, community, or population. The course also gives students the opportunities to assemble their own network data sets from different online sources. 

At the mini-conference, each student gave a three minute "flash talk" on a chosen topic of interest.  These topics included military and economic alliances between countries, collaborations between Hollywood screen writers, affiliations between artists and art movements, connections between athletes and sports teams, and voting patterns on reality TV shows.