John Cho `22 presents QSS research project on stereotypes of Asian-American political candidates

John Cho `22 recently presented a research paper on stereotypes of Asian-American political candidates.  Every student majoring in Quantitative Social Science (QSS) at Dartmouth College must complete a research project as part of the program's undergraduate curriculum, and the focus of John's project---a randomized survey experiment---was the extent to which perceptions of Asian-ethnic American political candidates reflect the the race/ethnicity of survey respondents.  John's work was supervised by Assistant Professor Mia Costa and Professor Yusaku Horiuchi of the Department of Government at Dartmouth.  Both Professors Costa and Horiuchi are members of the QSS steering committee.  They worked with John over the course of Summer 2021 and will continue collaborating with him on stereotypes of Asian-American political candidates over the course of the 2021-22 academic year.  John Cho is a Stamps Scholar who plans on writing an honors thesis in the Department of Government.  According to John's research, "[S]tereotypes commonly associated with Asian Americans such as the model minority, forever foreigner, or apolitical... change dependent on [survey] respondent and candidate race and ethnicity."