QSS Honors Thesis Presentations

All students writing honors theses in the Program in Quantitative Social Science (QSS) at Dartmouth College are required to publicly defend their research upon completion of their projects.  This past May, ten students presented their theses.  On account of the pandemic, this year's thesis presentations were remote.  Each QSS thesis is guided by a primary faculty advisor, and in addition, a second reader is assigned to evaluate each thesis. Assistant Professor of Government Jeremy Ferwerda worked with all of the QSS thesis students over the course of the 2020-21 academic year and was instrumental in the QSS honors thesis program.

This year's QSS theses are as follows:

Andrew Ahn The Effect of Disallowing Subminimum Wages for Workers with Disabilities

Daniel Kramer Tax Havens, Trusts, and Private Jets

Matthew Chen Connecting the Dots: Country Level Scientific Collaboration Networks

Elise Rust Economic Poverty and Water Poverty in California's Groundwater Wells

Alexandra Milich The Industry Dynamics of Minimum Wage Changes

Olivia Brody-Bizar Sorority Rush: An Examination of Body Image And Social Wellbeing Among Dartmouth Students

Madeleine Sach The Effect of Cues from Groups with Issue Relevance on American Public Opinion

Jennah Slayton Politicians Punished: How Politician Race and Previous Support for Victims Affect Constituent Reactions to Political Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Kasey Rhee White Liberal Enthusiasm for Appeals to Minorities

Eitan Darwish The Impact of State Voter Registration Policies on State Registration Rates