QSS congratulates Amy Hu, a salutatorian in the Class of 2021, and two new members of Phi Beta Kappa

Amy Hu, a member of the Class of 2021 at Dartmouth College, who majored in both Quantitative Social Science (QSS) and Economics, graduated on June 13, 2021 as one of the College's salutatorians. Amy, from Atlanta, Georgia, is heading to New York and will join McKinsey and Company as a business analyst.

As a QSS major, Amy was a student in Professor of Government Brendan Nyhan's Spring 2020 course in experiments in politics (QSS 30.03).  This course, taught regularly as part of the QSS undergraduate curriculum, introduces students to experimental methods and in particular teaches students how to administer and interpret experimental results.  The students in Professor Nyhan's Spring 2020 course co-authored an article that was recently published in Research and Politics. The article is titled, "The limited effects of partisan and consensus messaging in correcting science misperceptions." Professor Nyhan reports that Amy was one of the resident R experts in his Spring 2020 course.

Junyang Cui '21 and Sanjena Venkatesh '21, two new members of Phi Beta Kappa, shared with QSS their plans for the future.

Junyang: Starting in August, I will be joining Citadel Securities as a fundamental analyst. I interned with the firm last summer, performing a variety of duties relating to market analysis and trading pitches. I am happy to be returning to the same team. I will have opportunities to apply the quantitative skills from Dartmouth QSS classes to analyze financial markets data and make trading decisions.

Sanjena: For as long as I can remember, I've looked forward to a career in medicine. So, next fall, I'm excited to begin my medical education at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine. While I'm unsure where exactly this path will take me, I hope to one day practice in an academic setting—learning, teaching, and caring for patients. 

QSS congratulates Amy, Junyang, and Sanjena on their academic achievements and wishes them and the rest of their classmates in the Class of 2021 the best of luck as they transition into the next phases of their lives.