Peter DeWan to join QSS as lecturer

The Program in Quantitative Social Science (QSS) welcomes Peter DeWan, who will be joining the program as a lecturer. Dr. DeWan received his doctorate in sociology from Harvard University in 2008, and his thesis, "The Health Effects of Relative Status," was written under the supervision of Nicholas A. Christakis, Christopher Winship, and Peter V. Marsden. Dr. DeWan will be teaching Introduction to Data Analysis (QSS 15) in Fall 2021 and Social Network Abalysis (QSS 41) in Spring 2022.  

After completing his doctorate, Dr. DeWan was a fellow at the Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science and a researcher at the MIT Media Lab.  Along with Nicholas Christakis, he founded Activate Networks, a firm that used social network analysis to facilitate behavioral changes for healthcare providers and restructure organizations to improve performance.  After the company was sold, he was Vice President for Research and Development at Decision Resources where he continued work on physician networks.  He is currently a principal at 88 Analytics, where he uses data science techniques and AI primarily for healthcare research.  Dr. DeWan is also a non-resident fellow at the Brookings Institution where he was a member of the Workforce of the Future Initiative, where he has focused on developing network methods to analyze labor markets and industrial development.