QSS student presents at Yale workshop

With her advisor Yusaku Horiuchi, who is Professor of Government at Dartmouth College and a member of the Steering Committee of the Program in Quantitative Social Science, Jennifer Wu '19 recently presented a paper at a Yale University workshop on Japanese Politics and Diplomacy.  The workshop was produced by the Yale University Council on East Asian Studies and the Yale Program on Japanese Politics and Diplomacy, and it included scholars from a variety of institutions, New York University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Yale University, to mention a few.  Jennifer's workshop paper, which was a section from her undergraduate honors thesis titled "Politician Incivility and Apologies in the United States and Japan," examines how Japanese citizens react to uncivil comments and apologies by politicians. Jennifer  recently defended her QSS thesis and after graduating from Dartmouth is heading to Stanford University as a research fellow, where she will be working with Professors Justin Grimmer and Andrew Hall, both of the Department of Political Science, on projects relating to elections and misinformation.  According to Professor Grimmer, "Jennifer's computational training from faculty in QSS made her particularly well prepared to work with us next year.  She will be helping us better understand when and how partisan polarization shapes the political and non-political behavior of Americans."