QSS culminating projects

As part of their graduation requirements, all students majoring in Quantitative Social Science must complete and present an independent research project.  These projects are either honors theses or one quarter projects.  This year, ten QSS students have written theses, and they are defending their research this week and next.  All QSS thesis defenses are public, and the presentation schedule for Spring 2019 is as follows.


Student Title Date and time Room
Genna Liu Polarization or consensus? Examining immigration policy preferences and framing May 13 3:00 PM Haldeman 041
James Wen Colonialism and Civil War: connecting the colonial and postcolonial era May 14 11:00 AM Haldeman 041
Suhyeon Kim To What Extent Does a State Care: Examining MID Involvement within the Context of Moral Responsibility May 15 11:00 AM Haldeman 031
Evan Morgan How much does the language of addiction matter? Connecting labels, stigma, and drug policy preferences May 16 11:00 AM Haldeman 031
Tucker Brown Black Mirror in Real Life: Reputation Effects of a Credit Rating System on Social Experience May 20 1:30PM Haldeman 125
Lillian Zhao Socioeconomic Mobility into the Elite Professional Class: The Role of Time Investment Strategies versus Social, Cultural, & Human Capital May 21 1:30 PM Haldeman 125
Anna Kawata The Effects of Personality Types on Career Success in Comparable Work Environments May 22 11:00 AM Haldeman 031
Jennifer Wu Politician Incivility and Apologies in the United States and Japan May 22 1:30 PM Haldeman 031
Noah Kanter Do Elected Officials give Preferential Access to Wealthy Constituents? A Field Experiment on State Senators May 23 1:30 PM Haldeman 046
Isabelle Leonaitis Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in the Middle East and North Africa: A Panel Fixed Effects Analysis of Countries with Free Trade Zones May 24 1:30 PM Haldeman 041