QSS Professor Yusaku Horiuchi receives recognition for developing close student-professor relationships

In a Letter to the Editor of The Dartmouth, Professor of Government and Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies and Cheheyl Director of the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning Lisa Baldez responds to a recent article entitled "Level Footing: The Professor-Student Dynamic."

This article by Eliza Jane Schaeffer describes what empowers students—and what fosters learning: “building a relationship between students and professors, helping students engage with the material outside of the classroom, [and] approaching learning as a collaborative endeavor.”

Sunny Drescher ‘20, one of the students interviewed in the article, doesn’t name the QSS professor she’s working with—but it’s QSS Chair Yusaku Horiuchi. Professor Horiuchi redesigned his course, Data Visualization (QSS 17/GOVT 17) as a completely flipped class, filming his lecture material for students to watch before class and freeing up class time for hands-on programming.

Read the full article by Schaeffer here and the subsequent response by DCAL Director Lisa Baldez here.