Alumni Story: Scott Prescott ’86

I am currently Director of Instruction at the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School in NH. This position is similar to being a principal in a brick and mortar school, which I was previous to taking this position. This position allows me to work with schools around the state to help them figure out how to use online education to expand students opportunities for learning. The MSS program taught me how to think out of the box, which serves me well in this position. We are offering a complementary alternative to what has been available to students for the past several decades. We are totally competency based, run off of an asynchronous model, provide flexible pacing, flexibility in time and location for learning, and are developing opportunities for students to master competencies through experiences such as internships, travel, and independent study. Although the existing establishment is slow to change, we are helping to change the way students, parents and schools look at education. (10/2014)