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  • A new quantitative analysis of Supreme Court opinions using linguistic software will be published next year in the Washington University Law Review.  This is co-authored by Daniel Rockmore, along with Keith Carlson, computer scientists at Dartmouth College, and Michael A. Livermore, a law professor at the University of Virginia. It has been cited in the New...

  • An exhibition of prints based on mathematical expressions produced by eminent scientists and mathematicians is a “sampling of beautiful mathematics,” says Professor Daniel Rockmore, who curated the collection. The exhibit, which has been to Zurich, Portland, Ore., and Seattle, is now at the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, Conn.

    “The prints are formally stunning and conceptually engaging,” says Molleen Theodore, the assistant curator of...

  • Dartmouth College is pleased to announce that it is searching for a 2015-2016 academic year postdoctoral fellow in the area of quantitative social science. The fellow will be formally affiliated with the Program in Mathematics and Social Sciences (MSS), an interdisciplinary program that integrates modern statistical and computational research techniques with contemporary social science questions. The successful fellow should have a research record that demonstrates independence and...

  • During Tuesday’s midterm elections, researchers from Dartmouth and the University of Florida were tracking how long it took voters—in Hanover, N.H., and in several precincts in Florida’s Miami-Dade County—to cast their ballots, reports the Valley News.

    “We are interested in basic precinct processes and the time voters take to vote,” Michael Herron, a professor of government, tells the newspaper. “Wait times are important because when you...

  • I'm working at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP on their corporate startup team. KTS is mostly known for their IP and patent work, so it's interesting to be on a smaller team within the firm that is doing something different from everyone else. We work with a lot of Bay Area startups, mostly medical device companies that need help with forming a company and finding funding opportunities. So far I'm really enjoying it - the corporate team is pretty small, so I've been given a good bit...

  • I did an MA in Statistics at Berkeley and am now working as a Business Analytics Associate at ZS Associates, a sales and marketing consulting firm, in their New York office. (10/2014)

  • The MSS program equipped me with a rigorous data-driven framework to think about exciting yet puzzling empirical questions in the business world. I am currently a PhD student at MIT focusing on venture capital and entrepreneurship — a career path I decided to pursue after doing a fascinating networks-based research project in a MSS class. I'm so thankful for the MSS experience at Dartmouth! (10/2014)

  • I am currently pursuing a PhD in Political Science at the University of Michigan. My research focuses on the intersection of political science and economics. Prior to graduate school, I worked as a Research Assistant at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. (10/2014)

  • I had the incredible experience of teaching two MSS courses at Dartmouth in the Fall of 2011, and I recently completed my PhD in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University. I have just started work as a Senior Data Scientist at RedOwl Analytics, a Baltimore-based startup that is developing a software product that performs sophisticated social network analysis for our corporate customers. My focus is on natural language processing, but our core product is very much in line with the social...

  • I’m currently working for a startup out of San Francisco in mobile data and analytics as the head of their Data Science team. Right now we’re focusing on building our company’s first big-data products. My area of expertise is measurement and effectiveness estimation in advertising. (10/2014)