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  • March 14 gave Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Daniel Rockmore reason to celebrate. “Happy pi day one and all, or maybe I should say three and a little…,” he said to listeners of VPR’s Commentary Series.

    Rockmore shares facts and tidbits about the number pi, which begins with the expansion 3.14 and goes on forever. He says, “The digits roll out, going on and on, and if you’re willing to resort to a machine, then the current record for...

  • According to data compiled by Dartmouth Professor Michael C. Herron and Daniel A. Smith, a 2011 change to Florida voting law by state lawmakers will make it harder for Florida’s African American and Hispanic voters to exercise their traditional voting patterns.

    Florida’s new law HB 1355 reduced the number of early voting days from 14 to 8 and eliminated early voting on the Sunday preceding election day. In studying Florida’s 2008 general election...