Tokushima, Japan voter turnout
Tokushima Prefecture Voter Turnout

This figure depicts various municipalities in the Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku Island in Japan. The figure was made by Yusaku Horiuchi and Kentaro Fukumoto, who were studying whether the presence of a municipal election scheduled two weeks before a prefectural election affects voter turnout in the latter.

Miami-Dade County voter check-in
Miami-Dade County Voter Check-In

This figure depicts smoothed voter check-in times across ten Election Day precincts in Miami-Dade County during the 2014 General Election. It was made by Michael Herron and Daniel Smith. The figure illustrates how many precincts service large groups of voters around 7:00 am and then later around 7:00 pm.

National Constitutions 1787-2008
National Constitutions 1787-2008

This figure was created by Daniel Rockmore and colleagues, who studied diffusion in national constitutions from 1787-2008. In the figure each point represents a constitution, and Rockmore and colleagues conclude that constitutions cluster in three epochs.

Classical French playwright similarities
Classical French Playwrights

This plot describes similarities among plays by Racine, Voltaire, and other writers of French classical theater. It was developed by Allen Riddell, a post-doctoral fellow at the Neukom Institute.

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