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  • The MSS program equipped me with a rigorous data-driven framework to think about exciting yet puzzling empirical questions in the business world. I am currently a PhD student at MIT focusing on venture capital and entrepreneurship — a career path I decided to pursue after doing a fascinating networks-based research project in a MSS class. I'm so thankful for the MSS experience at Dartmouth! (10/2014)

  • I am currently pursuing a PhD in Political Science at the University of Michigan. My research focuses on the intersection of political science and economics. Prior to graduate school, I worked as a Research Assistant at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. (10/2014)

  • I had the incredible experience of teaching two MSS courses at Dartmouth in the Fall of 2011, and I recently completed my PhD in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University. I have just started work as a Senior Data Scientist at RedOwl Analytics, a Baltimore-based startup that is developing a software product that performs sophisticated social network analysis for our corporate customers. My focus is on natural language processing, but our core product is very much in line with the social...

  • I’m currently working for a startup out of San Francisco in mobile data and analytics as the head of their Data Science team. Right now we’re focusing on building our company’s first big-data products. My area of expertise is measurement and effectiveness estimation in advertising. (10/2014)

  • I work in Marketing Research at Time Inc and apply many of the data analysis and analytical skills I acquired at Dartmouth. In addition to that, I went on to get an M.S. in Applied Statistics as well as a PhD in Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics, both from Columbia’s University’s Teachers College. I am currently also working as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia and teaching Probability and Statistical Inference there. (10/2014)

  • I still use skills I learned in the MSS major everyday. I head up the marketing and analytics teams at We are a very data driven organization. Every day I need to work with data scientists doing complex modeling and marketers doing a lot of quantitative analysis. Understanding how to visual data well and know where analysis seems off ties back to a lot of the basics Joel taught. For me, MSS is still super relevant and broadly in the...

  • MSS was good prep for the MPH I earned at Johns Hopkins as part of a residency of preventive medicine and aerospace medicine. I'm currently a USCG flight surgeon enjoying life at the mouth of the Columbia River on the Oregon coast. (10/2014)

  • I work as Director of Program Management at Sabre. The analytical and critical thinking skills I acquired from my Dartmouth degree have been invaluable to me as I sort through and make decisions on information that is sometimes not complete. (10/2014)

  • After Dartmouth, I went on to Brandeis University to get my MA in International Economics and Finance. From there, my first two jobs were working as an economist, first at DRI/McGraw-Hill in Lexington, MA (now IHS Global Insight) doing econometric forecasting, and then at Toyota Motor Corporate Services in New York, NY where I was a research economist. I have now been at my current employer, FactSet Research Systems in Norwalk, CT, for just over 15 years. For my first 11 years here, I was...

  • I am currently Director of Instruction at the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School in NH. This position is similar to being a principal in a brick and mortar school, which I was previous to taking this position. This position allows me to work with schools around the state to help them figure out how to use online education to expand students opportunities for learning. The MSS program taught me how to think out of the box, which serves me well in this position. We are offering a...