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Students Can Now Choose to Minor in Quantitative Social Science
Posted on: 09/16/2015

The QSS minor provides students with skills aimed at data analysis in the social sciences. The minor is grounded in computing and quantitative analytical techniques, and it empowers students to answer important empirical questions about the world.

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Core Skills:

The QSS minor is based on the notion that quantitatively- and computationally-oriented students interested in social science should be taught a core set of skills. Such students need to:

(1) know the basics of computer programming;

(2) have a foundation in calculus;

(3) know the basics of statistical inference;

(4) have exposure to mathematical modeling;

(5) be familiar with research design;

(6) have hands-on exposure to the difficulties and rewards of research.

QSS is the only program on campus that ties all of these subjects together. We welcome both social science students seeking additional technical training, and science and engineering students seeking exposure to social science techniques.

You may wish to take QSS courses earlier in your Dartmouth career as they will facilitate your ability to comprehend and engage in research.

Please see the minor webpage for more detailed information.

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President Philip Hanlon and Professor Michael Herron Teach a Sports Analytics Course
Posted on: 09/16/2015

QSS 30.01, Sports Analytics, is being co-taught by President Philip Hanlon and Professor Michael Herron in 15F.

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Sports organizations are becoming increasingly aware that analytics are an important component of team success. This course introduces students to various statistical techniques used in modern sports analysis and in particular teaches participants how statistical methods can be used to analyze game outcomes and evaluate players and strategies.  The course includes lectures, in-class exercises using the R statistical computing environment, and guest speakers from the sports industry.

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MSS Becomes QSS
Posted on: 07/01/2015

As of July 1, 2015, the Mathematics and Social Sciences Program has changed its name to the Program in Quantitative Social Science.  Please bear with us as we update this throughout the college website at large, the course catalog, and documents!

Modeling the History of the American Judiciary
Posted on: 11/13/2014

Seminar with Allen Riddell, a William H. Neukom 1964 Fellow at Dartmouth College, who received his PhD in the Program in Literature at Duke University. This presentation explores how probabilistic models of text can be used to address longstanding questions about the relationship between the circuit courts and the Supreme Court.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014, noon-1:30pm

Location: Silsby 119

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Hacking the Electorate: How Campaigns Perceive Voters
Posted on: 10/21/2014

Seminar with Eitan Hersh, an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Yale University, who received his PhD from Harvard. This presentation will show that the strategies political campaigns use to interact with voters are a result of the policy environment in which campaigns operate. Public policies about the collection and distribution of personal data affect campaign strategy and voter behavior.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014, 12:30-2pm

Location: Silsby 119

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First-Year-Orientation Open House
Posted on: 09/12/2014

Mathematics and Social Sciences is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the use of statistics and computing in the social sciences. Students who want to combine interests in a social science field with courses that emphasize technical skills—with particular emphasis on data analysis and computation—should stop by to learn about this program and its plans for the future.

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Friday, September 12, 2014, 9-10am

Location: Silsby 113

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