QSS alumni work with data and each other

Three former Dartmouth College students, Franklin Dickinson ’16, Clara Wang ’17, and Junghye Kim ’19, who studied in the Program in Quantitative Social Science, recently crossed paths as employees in the Washington, DC and Chicago offices of Civis Analytics, a data science consultancy and technology firm founded by the former chief analytics officer for Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.  Clara Wang was the first Dartmouth student to complete a minor in QSS, and Junghye Kim was a QSS major.

These three students all took Brendan Nyhan’s Experiments in Politics seminar, which is cross-listed in QSS and Dartmouth's Department of Government.  They are also co-authors on a manuscript reporting the results of the randomized controlled trial they conducted in the class, which they hope to publish in the coming year. Clara Wang recently left Civis after two years to pursue graduate study in China after being selected as a Yenching Scholar.

The Applied Data Scientist role at Civis involves coding in R, SQL, and Python to analyze, visualize, and communicate data, with a particular focus on survey data and predictive models. On the Political team at Civis, data of interest often pertain to which races are most important when considering resource allocation, the demographics and preferences of the electorate within such races, and which messages matter most to electorates.

Civis is Franklin’s second job since graduating Dartmouth; he first worked for a year and a half as a Revenue Intelligence Analyst for a search engine marketing technology startup in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  After this job, Franklin attended a three month data science bootcamp in New York City. He distinctly credits his time learning experimental design and online surveys in Nyhan’s Experiments in Politics in preparing him for his work now.

Civis is Junghye’s first job post-graduation. She has been able to use skills she learned in her QSS classes, such as tidyverse from both Data Visualization and Race, Incarceration, and Politics; survey research techniques from Experiments in Politics and the Washington, DC, Foreign Study Program; and, machine learning concepts from Computational Text Analysis. Overall, Junghye feels fortunate to have been a part of QSS at Dartmouth and to have had the opportunity to think about social phenomena and apply quantitative skills to learn more about them-something she does daily in her job.  She is always happy to talk more about her experience in QSS and/or life at Civis and interested students should feel free to reach out at jkim2@civisanalytics.com.


Friday, September 13, 2019