Student research is a key component of the curriculum of the Program in Quantitative Social Science.


All students pursuing a minor or a major in QSS must complete independent research projects. Students finishing the major in QSS devote a full academic year to an honors thesis, and students working toward the minor in QSS spend a quarter on an independent project.  All QSS research projects are advised by Dartmouth faculty members, and both major and minor projects must be publicly defended upon completion.

On May 23, Dawit Workie ’17 ("The Effects of Anticipated Regret on Decision-Making") and Shirley Wang ’17 ("Prevalence and Stigmatization of Eating Disorders: A Quantitative Analysis of Athletic Activity, Body Image, and Stigmatized Attitudes") will present their honors theses. The Dartmouth Events Calendar link can be seen here. Then on May 24 and May 30, Abhilasha Gokulan ’18, Jack F. Heneghan ’18, Manfei Ma '17, Sarah D. Portman ’17, and Dalton J. White ’17 will defend their minor projects.

All QSS presentations are open to the public.  

The May 23 event takes place in Silsby Hall 215 and begins at 5:00pm; presentations on May 24 are in the Rockfeller Center, 1930s Room, and begin at 2:10pm; and, May 30 presentations take place in Silsby Hall 215 starting at 4:30pm.