QSS Hosts a Lecture by Andy Eggers, University of Oxford, "Who Votes Strategically?"


Andy Egger's talk is in Rockefeller 209 on Wednesday, August 24, 2016, 4-5:30pm.

Abstract: Strategic voting is an important explanation for aggregate political phenomena, yet we know little about how strategic voting behavior varies across groups in society. Are right-leaning voters more strategic than left-leaning voters? Are men more strategic than women? Does strategic voting behavior vary with education or income? Addressing these questions requires measuring and controlling for the incentive to cast a tactical vote, but previous measures are ad hoc, limited in application, or both. We introduce a general approach that yields a one-dimensional measure of a voter's incentive to vote tactically. Applying this measure to recent British elections, we show that the propensity to vote strategically was higher among voters on the left and among women but was not related to education or age.


QSS Co-Sponsors Nate Cohn, The Upshot, NY Times, "Will Obama's America Vote for Trump?"


The Program in Quantitative Social Science, as a co-sponsor with the Rockefeller Center and the Government Department, hosted campus guest, Nate Cohn, who is the political correspondent for the Upshot, a policy and politics site at the New York Times.

Nate Cohn's talk "Will Obama's America Vote for Trump?" took place on Thursday, July 14th, in the Rockefeller Center.  For a recording of the talk, please see here.

QSS Hosts Jake Bowers, A Fellow with the White House Social and Behavioral Science Team


The Program in Quantitative Social Science is hosting campus guest, Jake Bowers, who is a Fellow this year at the White House Social and Behavioral Science Team (SBST).  This is a cross-agency team of professionals with backgrounds in diverse fields including political science, economics, psychology, policy, law, medicine and statistics.  The team is unified by the commitment to use what research tells us about how people make decisions to better serve Americans and improve government efficiency.

Students are cordially invited to come hear some about this unique team and ask questions on Monday, April 4th, 2016, at 3pm in Silsby 119. To find out more about the SBST, please see here: