Joel H. Levine

Professor of Quantitative Social Science

HB 6104
Quantitative Social Science
A.B. Antioch College
Ph.D. Harvard University

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Selected Publications

“Extended Correlation: Not Necessarily Quadratic or Quantitative,” Sociological Methods and Research , 34:1 (2005) 31-75.

“The p-Normal Curve: On the Prediction and Destruction of Networks,” NAACSOS 2003 Conference, June 22-25, 2003, Pittsburgh, PA.

Levine, J H, A Klein, and J Mathews, “Data Without (Operational) Variables,” Journal of Mathematical Sociology , 23:3 (2001) 225-273.

“But What Have You Done for Us Lately,” Sociological Methods and Research , 21:1 (Aug 2000) 34-40.

“We Can Count, but What Do the Numbers Mean?” Chapter 5 in Sociology for the Twenty-First Century: Continuities and Cutting Edges , J L AbuLughod (ed.), (1999).

Works in Progress

“Data Without Variables”

“Issue Domains of Large Networks”

“Third Reich Testimony”