D.J. Flynn

QSS Faculty publish findings on attitudes to refugees in Science Advances


DJ Flynn, a postdoctoral fellow in the Program in Quantitative Social Science, and Yusaku Horiuchi, an affiliated faculty member in the program who teaches a popular data visualization course, have published a new article in Science Advances.  This article, which is co-authored with Jeremy Fewerda of the Department of Government, is an analysis of attitudes in the United States toward refugee resettlement. Ferwerda, Flynn, and Horiuchi show that Americans are less supportive of refugee resettlement locally than they are elsewhere in the United States.  This highlights how refugee resettlement is a collective action problem facing the country.  Ferwerda, Flynn, and Horiuchi also show that threatening media frames reduce support for refugee resettlement. In addition to the article in Science Advances, this research has also been covered in CITYLAB, (Even Liberals Can be Refugee NIMBYs) and in The Dartmouth News (Study Shows Support for Refugees Drops Off Closer to Home).

QSS Postdoctoral Fellow D.J. Flynn is quoted by the American Press Institute


"If you correct a false claim, they might double down on their existing opinions," says D.J. Flynn, a postdoctoral fellow in quantitative social science, in an article from American Press Institute about people's tendencies to believe misinformation even after it's disproven by fact checkers.  This was the Dartmouth Quote of the Day for April 7, 2017.  Read the full article here.